Chairman Steffen called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Roll call of the Supervisors showed that Chairman Steffen, Supervisor Hamby and Supervisor Kmetz were present. Supervisor Hamby made a motion to accept the previous month’s minutes as written with a second by Supervisor Hamby with both voting yes and Chairman Steffen abstaining since he was not present for the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report is on file as well as posted on the back wall. Chairman Steffen made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes.

Ms. Powderly explained that she had received an email from the PNC Bank stating that they were required by federal law to update their business files. They are requesting minutes stating who the current signers are, their positions, address, phone numbers, date of births, social security numbers, occupation and employer (date they started their employment) and two forms of ID such as driver’s license/passport and debit/credit card.

After a short discussion, it was decided that Ms. Powderly would contact PSAT’s to see if other townships were being required to do this. The bills are on file as well as posted on the back wall. Chairman Steffen made a motion to pay the bills with a second by Supervisor Hamby and all Supervisors voting yes.

Police Report was given by Officer Paquette and is on file. Officer Paquette went on to explain that the speed trailer was not a timing device but a deterrent to speeding and that the department was looking into the purchase of a used patrol car. Chairman Steffen stated that in the near future the township could help with a donation.

Fire Report was given by Scott Mead and is on file. Ambulance Report No one was present to give the report. Chairman Steffen brought up the concern of Hawley Ambulance taking 30 minutes to respond to a call. It was stated by both Mr. Mead and Mr. Krause that this has happened more than once. A member of Hawley Ambulance was present in the audience stating that he can arrive at the ambulance building within 8 minutes and has to wait for other members to arrive from the Damascus area before the ambulance can leave the building.

Based upon this information, Chairman Steffen made a motion to designate Commonwealth Ambulance to take over the coverage area for Hawley Ambulance effective as of June 4, 2018, with a second by Supervisor Hamby and all Supervisors voting yes.

Ms. Powderly will contact the Communication Center to advise of the change.

Road Report was given by Road Master Kmetz and is on file. Road Master Kmetz stated he met with PennDot and the advertisement for the road work will be advertised this month and will be opened at the July 2nd meeting. Supervisor Kmetz made a motion to give Noah Conrad a $1.00 per hour raise with second by Supervisor Hamby and all Supervisors voting yes.

Correspondence - The Township received its normal newsletters, pamphlets, brochures and magazines that are posted on the back wall.

The Wayne County Department of Planning sent the township their review of the Harmony Presents/Skier Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan.

The Wayne Conservation District sent notice that the review of the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for replacing 60” CMP pipe with a new 60” aluminized CSP pipe at Middle Creek has been found adequate.

The township received the Hawley Area Authority minutes.

Public Comment - None

Building Expansion Report - Chairman Steffen stated that the building expansion has been delayed due to the weather hopefully the excavator will be starting on June 11th.

Zoning Report was given by Mr. Natale and is on file. Mr. Natale stated Ms. Osborne had made her final payment. He went on to say that although she owes the township no more money there still is the problem of the garbage surrounding her house. He stated that in the letter that was sent to her last month giving her 10 days to have the refuse removed she replied that she would like to take the township up on the offer to clean up her property. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the township would clean it up and bill her for man hours as well as the disposal fee.

In reference to other matters on garbage, Mr. Sherman on Ridge Avenue and Mr. Hook on Columbus Avenue letters were sent to both giving them 30 days to clean up and both have begun the process but neither is close to being done. Mr. Natale stated he has drafted letters giving them an additional 30 days to finish the cleanup. He stated both properties involve vehicles which exceed what the ordinance allows. It was decided that if the vehicles were not moved the owners would be fined $100.00 a day until removed.

In other matters, Mr. Natale informed the Board that Hawley Borough asked if he could act as their Zoning Officer in reference to fences that need to be put up by the Hawley Area Authority. Chairman Steffen made a motion to allow Mr. Natale to act as the Zoning Officer for Hawley Borough and to have the Borough reimburse Mr. Natale for his time with a second by Supervisor Hamby and all Supervisors voting yes.

In regards to Property on Gravity Road, Mr. Natale stated that the Tax Assessor’s Office had changed the status to a 2 family home. He contacted the Assessor’s Office and explained it could not be that because the septic system will not pass inspection. It was decided that Mr. Natale would contact the Sewage Enforcement Officer Chris Martin to validate that the home in question can or cannot be a 2 family home and also have the owner prove that it was approved.

Mr. Natale also informed the Board that the Burn Ordinance fees need to be updated. Chairman Steffen turned to it over to the Solicitor since a public hearing would need to be held in order to change the fees.

The Comprehensive Plan is almost done and there will be a public hearing Wednesday June 6th at the Hawley Borough building at 6:30. He stated the Board would need to define where the C2 zone should be placed on the map. It was decided to use the map from the Comprehensive Plan dated January 2018.

Planning Commission - Mr. Natale stated that there was nothing to report.

Public Comment - None

Emergency Management - Supervisor Hamby stated there was nothing to report.

Crime Report - Supervisor Kmetz stated there was nothing to report.

Solicitor’s Report - He stated he nothing to report.

Public Comment - None

Supervisor Hamby made a motion to adjourn at 7:10 PM with a second by Chairman Steffen and all Supervisors voting yes.

Next scheduled meeting is June 4, 2018 at 6:30 PM.