Chairman Steffen called the meeting to order at 6: 30 PM. Roll call of the Supervisors showed that Chairman Steffen , Supervisor Kmetz and Supervisor Hamby were present. Supervisor Hamby made a motion to accept the previous month’s minutes as written with a second by Supervisor Kmetz with all Supervisor s voting yes .

Treasurer’s Report is on file as well as posted on the back wall. Chairman Steffen made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes.

The bills are on file as well as posted on the back wall. Chairman Steffen made a motion to pay the bills with a second by Supervisor Hamby and all Supervisors voting yes.

Police Report is on file.

Fire Report was given by Scott Mead and is on file.

Ambulance Report - None

Road Report was given by Road Master Kmetz and is on file. Road Master Kmetz requested that he would like to get a hold of some electricians to replace the lights in the garage as well as the meeting room and he would bring the quotes in at the next meeting. Permission was given.

Correspondence - The Township received its normal newsletters, pamphlets, brochures and magazines that are posted on the back wall. The township received the Hawley Area Authority minutes. PennDot sent notification that the township’s estimated liquid fuel tax for the year 2020 is approximately $65,349.85 with the turn back allocation of $3,520.00.

Zoning Report was given by Mr. Natale and is on file. He asked if the Board would be willing waive the fee for a sign permit for the Little Playhouse in the amount of $25.00. He was informed that the Board had no problem with that. He went on to say that he received an email from Michael Hanf regarding Bow Tie Lane stating that there still were children playing around the property. Solicitor Treat requested that Mr. Natale contact the District Magistrate and request the original judgement so he could record that at the County Court House. Chairman Steffen made a motion to have Solicitor Treat to proceed with the judgement on the Bow Tie Lane property with a second by Supervisor Hamby and all Supervisors voting yes. Mr. Natale informed the Board that the C-2 zoning had not been corrected as of this date as well as the wording for signs. After some discussion, Chairman Steffen made a motion to have Solicitor Treat amend Section J of the zoning ordinance (signs) with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes. Chairman Steffen stated he would contact Mr. Shepstone regarding the C-2 mapping discrepancy since the Board has already addressed this.

Planning Commission - Mr. Natale stated that there nothing to report.

Conditional Use Hearing Harmony in the Woods - Chairman Steffen stated that the reason we are reviewing this again is that there was a typo in the original letter that went out to the affected residents regarding the date and time. Mitch Jacobs representing Kiley Associates stated the new letters were handed delivered to the affected property owners .

Chairman Steffen read the below listed requirements from the original Conditional Use hearing held on January 2, 2018.

The theater shall have a maximum capacity of 150 persons. The theater shall be used primarily for performing arts, including music, theater, dance, lectures, and educational activities on occasion. The hours of operation shall be between 9:00 AM and 11:00 PM as well as during the first phase of development events will be only conducted between May and September. The township, borough, and local emergency services providers shall be provided access to the gate on Woodland Avenue where the road meets the Skier property. If the gate is opened by the theater the Hawley Borough Police shall be notified. If others need to open the gate the theater manager will be notified. A buffer of evergreen trees shall be created towards the closest residential area to act as a shield against both sound as well as a visual buffer. A 4-year grow in period is acceptable. This will no longer be needed. Permanent lighting shall be established where the access road meets SR 6, this will be a dusk to dawn type standard as well as lighting for the parking area and access path up to the stage site. This will only apply while the venue is in operation and lighting will be terminated within hour of event ending. A valid Highway Occupancy Permit issued by PennDot shall be obtained prior to operation of the venue. All proposed development shall take place on one (1) parcel as determined by the tax map. Preparation for traffic control at SR 6 shall be in place if either the borough police department or Palmyra Township deems traffic control necessary. The open side of the venue (open to grass seating) shall be oriented away from existing residential development.

At this point Chairman Steffen turned the meeting over to Attorney Waldron who is representing Harmony in the Woods. Attorney Waldron stated that there will be some changes and additions as follows:

A gate shall be installed at the Route 6 entrance, with an access code or key to be provided to emergency responders. The gate shall be located 50 feet beyond the highway right-of-way. Applicant shall submit an Emergency Management Plan. Applicant shall submit an Accessibility Plan, identifying the UTV vehicle and the procedures that will be used to provide access to handicapped persons. Applicant shall provide a Lighting Plan as part of the Land Development Plan for the revised project site. Applicant shall submit a Traffic Control plan for post-performance traffic onto Route 6. A Pre- Noise Test shall be conducted to verify that the noise at the property boundaries does not exceed the zoning ordinance limits or as needed or requested by the Board of Supervisors. The performance stage for Phase I shall have a back wall or backstop. During Phase One temporary, ADA compliant bathroom facilities, with enclosed holding tanks, to be mounted on a trailer, shall be in operation on site during all performances. The 18 conditions set forth above shall be set forth on the Land Development Plan, which shall be recorded once it is approved by the township. The concern of the residents was people coming and leaving the venue and they were told that if the township deemed it necessary there would be a police present provided as well as lighting and a lit sign at the entrance during performances. They were also informed that one of the conditions would be a Traffic Control Plan .

Chairman Steffen made a motion to approve this Conditional Use with the19 conditions listed above with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes.

Public Comment - Eugene Krause asked if the township was applying for a gaming grant this year and if we were not applying for one would the township be a municipal sponsor the Hawley Fire Department so they could apply for a grant to replace the fire house roof. He was informed that the township was not applying and would be willing to be a sponsor.

Emergency Management - Supervisor Hamby stated that there was nothing to report.

Crime Report - Supervisor Kmetz stated there was nothing to report.

Solicitor’s Report Mr. Treat suggested that the township consider making it a requirement that for any Conditional Use stipulation s that they be put in the deed or have a plot plan recording the requirements .

Public Comment - None

Chairman Steffen made a motion to adjourn at 7: 21 PM with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes.

Next scheduled meeting is November 4 , 2019 at 6:30 PM.