Chairman Steffen called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Roll call of the Supervisors showed that Chairman Steffen and Supervisor Kmetz were present. Supervisor Hamby was absent.

Supervisor Kmetz made a motion to accept the previous month’s minutes as written with a second by Chairman Steffen and all Supervisors voting yes.

Treasurer’s Report is on file as well as posted on the back wall. Chairman Steffen made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes.

The bills are on file as well as posted on the back wall. Chairman Steffen made a motion to pay the bills with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes.

Auditor’s Report was given by Gary Van Orden stating that working Supervisors salaries would be $20. 50 per hour an increase of $.50 from the prior year and health insurance would stay at $450.00 per quarter.

Police Report was given by Officer Arquette and is on file.

Fire Report by Scott Mead and is on file.

Ambulance Report - Chairman Steffen stated in regards to the proposed Regional Ambulance that it is a work in progress and the Authority is putting together paperwork to see what it will look like. The next scheduled meeting is February 26 th at 6:00 PM the location is the Palmyra Township-Pike County municipal building. Chairman Steffen went to say that in regards to the dual dispatch that Hawley Ambulance requested it would need to be put into a resolution as well as who the township wanted for Advanced Life Support. He asked the Solicitor to prepare the resolution for the township’s next monthly meeting stating that it would be a dual dispatch for Basic Life Support (White Mills Ambulance and Hawley Ambulance) and Advance Life Support would be closest available.

Road Report was given by Road Master Kmetz and is on file. Road Master Kmetz informed the Board that he had received bids for the new lights in the meeting room as well as for the garage and the low bid was $1,800.00 for the meeting room and $1,800.00 for the garage from Lakeside Electric. The Solicitor informed the Board that the quote was below the threshold amount and a motion was not needed.

Correspondence - The Township received its normal newsletters, pamphlets, brochures and magazines that are posted on the back wall. The township received notification from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation that the grants program will be accepting applications from January 13 to April 22, 2020 for planning and development projects for rehabil itations of parks, land conservation/watershed protection and trails . The Wayne County Solid Waste Department notified the Township that the third and final meeting of the Wayne County Solid Waste Advisory Committee will be held on February 20, 2020, at 7:00 PM at the Emergency Operations Center on 43 Volunteer Drive, Honesdale, Pa.

Zoning Report was given by Mr. Natale and is on file. Mr. Natale went on to say that the Trailway’s Feasibility Study has almost been completed. The final Public Meeting will be February 27 th at 7:00 PM at the White Mills Fire Hall. The trail where it would enter Palmyra Township would hug the river and come out behind the train station behind Gravity Road and then cross over to Bingham Park and continue on that way. He informed the Board that a trail has sprung up along Route 6 called the Hawley Trail which exits at Lock 31 adjacent to private property onto Route 6 and continues on to what was known as Compton’s Garage then back on to private property and on to the Settler’s Inn. He stated he spoke to Mr. Ginzlinger about this and told him that this was not what the feasibility showed as to the route . Mr. Natale said that Mr. Ginzlinger will possibly approach the Board to ask that the Board recommend to PennDot that the speed limit be lowered on Route 6. On other matters, Mr. Natale stated that the Township now has a Facebook page there will be no friend requests or commenting on the page.

Planning Commission - Gary Flood representing the Kuhn’s presented the Kuhn Subdivision to the Board. Mr. Flood stated that he has met all the requirements that the Wayne County Department of Planning had suggested. Chairman Steffen made a motion to approve the Kuhn Subdivision with a second Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes.

Public Comment - Mr. Van Orden asked what a ½ mill raise in taxes would be to help support the Regional Ambulance Authority. Chairman Steffen stated that the Board is still investigating the matter.

Emergency Management - None .

Crime Report - Supervisor Kmetz stated there was nothing to report.

Solicitor’s Report - He stated he nothing to report.

Public Comment - None

With no further business, Chairman Steffen made a motion to adjourn at 6: 51 PM with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes. Next scheduled meeting is March 3 , 20 20 at 6:30 PM.