Chairman Steffen called the board of supervisors meeting to order at 5 :35 PM. Roll call showed all Supervisor s present for the public hearings .

First order of business is the public hearing for the Amendment of the Zoning Map and its depiction of the Leeward Middle Creek Quarry. The purpose is to amend the zoning map back to the proper configuration from a mistake that h a s been made along the line without realization until recent digitalization of the township’s records.

Paul Natale, Zoning Officer, confirmed posting notice on the property outside the entrance and for adjacent properties. Leeward is the only neighboring property owner. Paul also provided a copy of the notice, confirmed we sent a letter to the Wayne County Planning Commission concerning the matter and provided a copy of that letter as well as their response and confirmed that a letter was sent to notify the land owner that is being affected by the map correction, which was confirmed by Attorney Richard Henry to be received at the weigh station at the Middle Creek Quarry site.

Mr. Henry confirmed that his client, E. R. Linde recognizes the mistake to the map and that the roughly 10 acres is in fact not part of the mining area. They acknowledge that the map should not contain the long finger parcel that has appeared on most recent maps and that it should be reverted to the map drafted in 2002.

Aaron Pickarski on behalf of E.R. Linde, showed on Exhibit E where the actual outline of the quarry is shown in blue outline. Attorney Henry confirmed with Aaron Pickarski that the pan handle (roughly 10-acre finger) is not part of the original quarry zoning. Aaron Pickarski stated that this area is not being mined. This area is being used as a storage area and has been used as such for the last 20 years. E. R. Linde has no objections to the pan handle being removed from a new map.

They acknowledge that this is not to be part of the quarry industrial zone. Paul stated that according to the planning department, Kiley and Associates will have to resurvey the E.R. Linde property before making a new map even though, there is no change to the industrial zone. Aaron Pickarski , then confirmed, for a final time for the board of supervisors, that E.R. Linde confirms with Palmyra Township that Exhibit E with the industrial zone mapped out in blue showing 87.3 acres industrial zone is in fact the way the map should be represented.

Gary VanOrden addressed the board asking if the taxpayers would be responsible to pay for the new map when no one has confirmed where the mistake was made . This was confirmed by the board that the new map would be paid for by the taxpayers and township. Public hearing was called to an end at this time. (Transcript is on File)

Second order of business is the public hearing for the Short-Term Rental Ordinance. Chairman Steffen first addressed Mr. Lou Gruber, present at the meeting, concerning comments Mr. Gruber had in previous months concerning the Short-Term rental Ordinance and some of the repetition included in the ordinance. Chairman Steffen went one by one to address these issues/comments with his and the townships thoughts. Chairman Steffen also had comments concerning tents and Self-Sustaining RVs on the short term rental properties and possibly allowing this to happen in the future.

Mr. Treat will work with Paul and the Supervisors to re-word the ordinance with correct language concerning the self-sustaining RV’s being allowed on a short-term rental property. Mr. Lou Gruber thanked the Chairman for responding to each one of his concerns directly. He is still concerned with fees to the township and to the permit appliers stating fees may supersede what is made annually.

A discussion occurred and it was decided that there is still work and rewriting to be done on the Short-Term Rental Ordinance. Short term rental meeting was then adjourned to proceed with normal business meeting. (Transcript is on File)

Last month’s minutes were reviewed and Supervisor Kmetz made a motion to accept the previous month’s minutes with a second by Supervisor Hanf and all s upervisors voting yes.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Shayla Gouger and is on file as well as posted on the back wall. Chairman Steffen made a motion to accept the treasurers report with a second by Supervisor Hanf and all supervisors voting yes.

Bill List number # 3 was presented . Chairman Steffen made a motion to pay bill list with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all s upervisors voting yes.

Police Report was given by Officer Bertholf and is on file. Fire Report was given by Scott Mead and is on file .

Ambulance Report was given by Mr. Mike Stankiewicz and is on file. Ken Morrison was also present from Lake Region EMS. He asked for help from Chairman Steffen in applying a bid to the PPH Ambulance Services. Mr. Morrison had submitted paperwork and had questions on the application but never received a response form PPH. PPH has received 2 bids but did not make any decisions at this time.

Road Report was given by Road Master Kmetz and is on file. Correspondence

The Township received its normal newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, and magazines . Liquid Fuels Tax refund and Road Turnback refund were received from the Secretary of transportation. These funds were deposited directly into the Palmyra account on March 1, 2023. Liquid Fuels deposit amount was $62,052.09 and Turnback deposit amount was $3,520.00.

Pa Route 6 Alliance in partnership with Pocono Forest and Water Conservation Landscape are applying for a Keystone Communities Grant to fund a façade improvement program in Wayne and Pike Counties.

Wayco, Inc has applied for a Noncoal Surface Mine permit with the Department of Environmental Protection. We also received a thank you Letter from Hawley Police for the township’s donation.

Zoning Report was given by Paul Natale. Conditional Use Hearing Chairman Steffen made a motion on ordinance 2023-01 Zoning Map Amendment to peruse the redrawing of the Zoning Map to properly depict the industrial zone and to use Kiley and Associates to have the process started, with a second from Supervisor Hanf, and all supervisors voting yes. This property will have to be surveyed to have a new map made.

Short Term Rental Ordinance still has some work to be done. There has been discussion on tents self-sustaining RV’s, room sizes and occupant numbers. Allowing waivers has also been talked about, for special circumstances at a short-term rental. The township will continue to fine tune the ordinance. Some language needs to be rewritten to better support the ordinance. This ordinance will not be adopted at this time.

Planning Commission has nothing to report.

Report of Digitizing Records was given by Paul Natale.

Emergency Management has nothing to report .

Crime Watch has nothing to report.

Solicitor’s Report nothing to report .

Public Comment Mrs. JoAnn Kmetz made a statement concerning the pay of our Roadmaster Mr. Joe Kmetz. She stated that the auditors have not given Joe Kmetz a raise in years. She stated that Joe not only gives up much of his family time but also his tools to help the township when needed and she does not feel that it is being appreciated at this time. She feels he is not respected after 50 years of service here at Palmyra. Auditor Gary VanOrden was present at the meeting and stated the auditors have discussed a raise and have stated that Joe is the highest paid roadmaster in the area. Mr. Treat suggested that the Chairman and Supervisors write a letter to ask the auditors to reconvene and have evidence in that letter to support what other townships are currently paying employees.

Mr. Gary VanOrden asked if there was an estimated cost to redo the Zoning Map. This cost has not yet been determined.

Chairman Steffen made a motion to adjourn at 7:07 PM w ith a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes.

Next scheduled meeting is Monday April 3 , 2023, at 6 :30 PM .