Chairman Steffen called the board of supervisors meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Roll call showed all supervisors were present.

Last month’s minutes for August 7th were reviewed as written. One correction is to be made as the next meeting is Tuesday September 5th, not Monday. Supervisor Kmetz made a motion to accept the previous month’s minutes with the correction, with a second by Supervisor Bartleson and all supervisors voting yes.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Shayla Gouger and is on file as well as posted on the back wall. Chairman Steffen made a motion to accept the treasurers report with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all supervisors voting yes.

The township has been reimbursed from Lake Region Ambulance and money has been placed back into the Ambulance Tax Account.

Bill List number #9 was presented. Chairman Steffen made a motion to pay bill list with a second by Supervisor Bartleson and all supervisors voting yes.

Police Report was given by Officer Rowan and is on file.

Fire Report was given by Scott Mead and is on file.

Ambulance Report was given by Chairman Steffen and is on file. No PPH Meeting to report.

Road Report was given by Road Master Kmetz and is on file. Supervisors have decided to use the Cares Money to expand on the garage downstairs. The plan is to go out 12 feet from the newest addition and use the existing retaining wall with 2, 10-foot doors instead of the existing 12-foot doors. Supervisor Bartleson will get us some figures of cost in materials and those will be presented at the next meeting. The goal is to get the exterior of the building and the lines moved as soon as possible. The floor can be poured next year.

Public Comment Gary Van Orden asked about the Hawley Ambulance bills being paid. Solicitor Treat explained that the sale was complete last Thursday. We received our reimbursement prior to the sale of the property. The issue came up as to why we revoked permits, and it was due to the ambulance being nonprofit and now that it is no longer nonprofit that they would have to pay for permitting.

Correspondence The Township received its normal newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, and magazines. An invitation to the Wayne County Association of Township Officials has been received. Registration begins at 8:30 am on October 11, 2023, at Lukans Farm Resort.

Zoning Report was given by Paul Natale for the month. The ambulance property has been purchased by Mike Kuzmiac Jr. Mike notified the township of his purchase as no one would disclose the information. Paul has advised Mike that the property is rural residential and cannot be used for commercial purposes unless done by the Planning Commission and a Conditional Use Hearing. Mike said he currently has no idea what he plans to do with the property. Mike will be applying for the permit to complete the pole building located on the property. He will also be applying for a permit, and tethering down the trailer as Mike has made a deal with Hawley Ambulance and is allowing them to use the trailer for storage purposes. Concerns have already been expressed as to what is going to go there. Supervisor Kmetz asked if there needed to be a port a potty in on the property and Paul stated that there does not need to be as it is a Construction Trailer and will be used for this purpose only.

(127) Gravity Road fire was billed to the property owner. The owner has paid the bill for garbage clean up. He has failed to pay for the fire and police response to his property. Bill was sent out to be paid upon receipt, with bill being delivered on August 10 with proof of delivery and has not been paid in over a month. Paul would like to take the property owner to the magistrate for legal action. Solicitor Treat has reviewed the copy of the letter, copy of the ordinance, copy of the Hawley Fire Department Bill, copy of the Hawley Police Bill, and a copy of the proposed complaint. We are seeking Fire and Police Fees, and a $500 fine for a total of $1175.00. Chairman Steffen made a motion to allow Solicitor Treat and Paul to process a complaint to move forward to recoup the funds of $1175.00 in a Civil Complaint on property owner of (127) Gravity Road, with a second from Supervisor Kmetz and all supervisors voting yes.

Pool application update is still up for discussion. Paul handed out the existing pool application with a more detailed version he would like to see. Something more strongly worded so applicants know exactly what is expected according to the township and UCC regulations.

Chris Martin has stated that he will communicate with Mr. Treat about anything that he feels should be updated in our Sewer Ordinance.

The Planning Commission has nothing to report.

Report of Digitizing Records was given by Paul Natale.

Emergency Management has nothing to report.

The Solicitor’s Report

Final Call for Public Comment A concerned resident at 1451 Purdytown Turnpike came to the meeting to notify the Board of Supervisors of unfit living conditions at the residence. He states that his father has been living at 1451 Purdytown Turnpike and has become increasingly ill, filled with black mold, no ventilation, that the residence is listed as an apartment and office not listed as 2 apartments on the Wayne County Parcels Map. Solicitor Treat stated that the information provided by Chris is mostly civil matters, which Chris stated they have a court date for, but we can and will be looking into the residence being listed as an apartment and office and not properly as 2 apartments. Chairman Steffen provided them with a phone number to the Environmental Health Agency as directed by Department of Health in Wayne County.

Chairman Steffen made a motion to adjourn at 7:02 PM with a second by Supervisor Kmetz and all Supervisors voting yes.

Next scheduled meeting is Monday October 2, 2023, at 6:30 PM.